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Walt Disney, image for non-commercial reuse

  One of the things I never expected when I transitioned into writing was the sheer number of difficult days that are involved in the writing process. When I first thought I wanted to become a full-time writer, I was most familiar with the days or moments when the stories ideas flow, when the words sing in my mind’s ear, when it feels like the world of writing is the Happiest Place on Earth. O! The awakening! Years ago, when I was working in innovation, I learned about a model that Walt Disney was said to have used in approaching…

There are cooks, and there are bakers. I’m a cook. Most of the time I enjoy cooking (unless I’m wrapped up in a story, then I’m an amazing taker-outer). Depending on my level of commitment, there are days when my Better Half tells me that I’m a good cook. Even on those days, I’m a good cook but not an exceptional one. Even more than exceptional cooks, I have intense respect for bakers. Bakers are creative while respecting the rules of science. Good cooks, even great cooks, can cut corners and substitute ingredients and play fast and loose with the rules.…

"It is not gray areas that are interesting, but darkness shot through with light, light reflected into the corners that nobody has seen before."

- Martine Leavitt

On Darkness