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“Love is so short, forgetting is so long.”
“Es tan corto el amor, y es tan largo el olvido.”

- Pablo Neruda “Tonight I Can Write” or “Puedo Escribir”
Twenty Love Songs and a Song of Despair translated by W.S. Merwin

“Tonight I Can Write”

Eric Carle illustrations on fabric by Andover Fabrics

  Sometimes when I feel my life careening off the road because of things I can’t control I have a visceral need to make something with my hands. Whatever it is doesn’t have to be perfect, but seeing it comes to life between my fingers fuels something inside of me. These creative projects are especially helpful when I can’t do anything about the speed bumps in life like illness or fate – or even when I’m just stuck inside my head with my story. On such a night, the insomniac that lives inside me found this fabric on Etsy featuring Eric Carle’s…

A still from "Le Petit Prince" an On Animation Studio film, 2015.

  This summer, Le Petit Prince, a movie based on the book of the same name by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry will be released internationally. When I heard this news, my heart fell a few floors. I had read the book in my early teens in its original French and had been captivated by its strange and wonderfulness. As a reader, I have found that we often get attached to characters, and the ones we love grow roots in our minds and hearts. Many live extra lives on the internet in the form of fan fiction while others reach cult status in the form of…